Psychic Medium Cindy Kaza Guides Us Through Signs, Spirits and The Afterlife

Have you ever wondered about the mysterious world of Psychics and Mediums?  On today’s episode, Cindy Kaza, an incredible Psychic Medium sheds light on it all!  She gives us a rare glimpse into how Mediums communicate with the spirit world, how she manages her own abilities, and how important our intuition is.

We talk about what constitutes a “sign” and how they can serve as guides or reminders.  We also delve into the provocative topic of life after death and how forgiveness can play a big part in our transition to the afterlife.

Cindy takes us behind the scenes of her hit show “The Dead Files” on Travel Channel and she gets personal too. Cindy shares stories of when she first experienced a ghost and how a rainbow helped her mourn a death in her own family.  Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic you are gonna want to check this episode out!

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