Netflix’s “Love is Blind” Uche Okoroha Sheds Light on Sizzling Season 5

The hit Netflix show “Love is Blind” has been a TV obsession since its very first season.  Now in its fifth, the show takes us on an emotional journey with twists and turns no one saw coming, especially today’s guest,  “Love is Blind” cast member Uche Okoroha.

Uche shares his unique perspective on the shocking revelation with his ex-girlfriend Lydia, and how he thinks the Producers played a role in that drama.  He spills the tea on what really happened when he reunited with Aaliyah and it’s not what you think!  He also talks about the real friendships he made behind the scenes and why they call JP “Captain America.”   If you are as captivated by the show as we are, you are gonna love this one!

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