Artificial Intelligence : The Good The Bad And The Unbelievable With Taryn Southern

Artificial Intelligence is a trending topic these days, it feels like technology is changing by the moment and it’s hard to keep up.  Today’s guest, Taryn Southern, is here to arm us with EVERYTHING we need to know about AI, and you will be shocked at some of the things she shares!

AI has been a part of Taryn’s life for years.  She released THE first solo pop album that collaborated with AI and years later she directed and produced the documentary “I Am Human” about the use of brain-computer interfaces (BCI).

Between “deep fakes” online and self-driving cars there seems to be plenty of negative things out there about AI, but as Taryn and Rachel discuss, there are tons of positive things in development as well… medical miracles, innovative new jobs, creativity in entertainment and even communication with animals!  It’s  all in our grasp!  Get ready for your mind to be blown!

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