Schuyler Bailar: 1st Trans D1 NCAA Men’s Athlete and LGBTQIA+ Advocate! Celebrating PRIDE!

We are so honored to be celebrating PRIDE MONTH with the inspirational Schuyler Bailar!

Schuyler is a trailblazing athlete who has made a name for himself not only through his impressive athletic achievements, but also through his unwavering dedication to advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ community.

As the first openly transgender athlete in NCAA Division 1 men’s sports, Schuyler has charted a course that few have dared to follow. His courage and determination have inspired countless individuals to live their truth and pursue their dreams, no matter the obstacles they may face.

Schuyler’s story is one of resilience, strength, and above all, hope – a beacon of light for those who have been marginalized and ostracized by society.

He has shown the world that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and never give up. It is an honor to share his story and to celebrate the incredible legacy that he continues to build each day.

Listen to Dear Schuyler – wherever you get your podcasts – for answers to every question or concern you may have about the trans experience. It’s super topical, approachable, and illuminating. Nothing judgey or preachy! LINK: Got

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