Bob Zeidman VS. MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell Wins $5MILL in “Prove Mike Wrong Challenge”

When MYPillow CEO Mike Lindell promoted false election conspiracy theories in 2020 and urged the public to “PROVE HIM WRONG” there was one man who knew he could do it… software engineer Robert Zeidman.

Lindell claimed he had data that proved China interfered in the 2020 presidential election, but Robert Zeidman had a strong hunch he was wrong.

He entered Lindell’s “Prove Mike Wrong Challenge,” where Lindell was offering up $5Million to anyone who could debunk his claims. The arbitrator agreed that Zeidman’s data proved without a doubt that Lindell’s claims were nothing more than “fake news”.

Today, we interview truth seeker, Robert Zeidman, to hear all the details on how his quest for the facts landed him a financial windfall. BUT – will he ever really get that money? Listen to the episode to find out!

Zeidman’s story has been all over the headlines recently, as reported by the Times, the Post, NPR, NBC, CNBC, CBS, and literally EVERYWHERE… but nobody is bringing you this story quite like Rachel Uchitel can!

You DO NOT want to miss this episode!

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