Therapist Vanessa Reiser Discusses Narcissistic Abuse

Join us as we welcome our next guest, Vanessa Reiser, a brave survivor who has transformed her own journey of narcissistic abuse into a powerful force for healing.

Vanessa has been embroiled in reality news gossip as of late, as the court upheld a restraining order against her ex-fiancé, Luis Ruelas from The Real of Housewives of New Jersey and new husband to Teresa Giudice.

She alleges that Ruelas hired infamous private investigator Bo Deidle to “stalk her” by sending a fake patient to her office.  In our conversation, Vanessa will share her firsthand experience of being in a long-term relationship with a narcissistic partner.

Now a renowned psychotherapist, she specializes in narcissistic personality disorder, providing crucial support to those affected by domestic violence and other forms of abuse.

During our conversation, Vanessa discusses her personal experience –  why she chose this path to focus on while shedding the light on major relationship red flags. We get DEEP  into understanding narcissistic abuse- how to navigate these relationships and how to get out of them.

Listen now.

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