Lee Asher of the Asher House Animal Sanctuary Shares His Inspirational Journey

Today’s guest is a total inspiration and one of the reasons we started this podcast… We got to sit down and chat with a personal hero, Lee Asher, of the Asher House Animal Sanctuary.

Lee started the Sanctuary with a dream of fulfilling his life’s purpose. With nothing more than hope and an RV, he quit his day job in corporate America, and set off on a mission to rescue dogs. But his story started way before that. Lee overcame severe learning disabilities, scoliosis, a tumultuous upbringing, and years of being bullied by his peers. He knows better than anyone that sometimes you have to go through some pain to truly appreciate life’s beauty, and you do not want to miss a moment of his story.

Get the tissues ready, and enjoy this encore episode with Lee Asher!

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