Journalist Susan Hendricks Takes Us to Delphi for Unimaginable True Crime Murder Case

Ever since the O.J. trial captivated America, True Crime stories have grabbed headlines and audiences all over the world.  Today’s guest has covered many of those newsworthy stories over the years.  Journalist and Author Susan Hendricks was there when the Casey Anthony verdict was announced, she covered the Jody Arias case and she’s mediated panels at CrimeCon with the likes of Joe Petito (Gabby Petito’s father), Stacy Chapin (Ethan Chapin’s mom) and Kerri Rawson (daughter of BTK).

Rachel and Susan do a deep dive into true crime and discuss why we’re captivated by the people and cases that flood our TV and podcast world.  They delve into the story behind Susan’s book “Down the Hill:  My Descent Into the Double Murder in Delphi,” which details the murder of two young girls, Abigail Williams and Liberty German, during the winter of 2017 in Delphi Indiana.

Susan opens up about what it was like not only reporting on the case, but getting to know the families and the people of Delphi.  They discuss details of the investigation, the arrest, the gag order, the questions that remain and the upcoming trial.  Susan’s personal connection to the story takes us one step closer, and if you love true crime, you are gonna love this ep!

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