“American Nightmare”: The Answers You’ve Been Waiting For That Netflix Didn’t Address

We’ve got another captivating true crime drama to share with everyone today! It was a case that gripped the Bay Area a decade ago.. and now the almost unbelievable story behind the kidnapping of Denise Huskins has been turned into the new 3-part Netflix Docuseries “American Nightmare”. Today’s guest, Crime Reporter Henry Lee, not only was a journalist on the scene, he was also an integral part of the story unfolding.

The docuseries, trending at #1, chronicles what happened after Denise’s boyfriend Aaron Quinn called the police in March 2015 saying an intruder wearing a wetsuit broke into his Vallejo home, tied him up, drugged him and abducted Denise. From the start police were skeptical of Aaron’s story and pressured him to confess to killing his girlfriend, but then suddenly Denise turned up alive and described being held captive and raped. Investigators were still suspicious of the couple and in an astonishing twist, publicly accused them of carrying out a hoax, and branded this case “The Real Life Gone Girl”. Denise and Aaron were treated as criminal suspects until the real kidnapper would emerge, in the strangest of ways.

Spoiler Alert! Go watch the series then listen to this podcast. Once you see it, you’ll realize there are MANY unanswered questions and Henry helps us break down ALL of them!

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